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Eating Cheap Stockholm

Eating Cheap Stockholm

Hi there! My names Josh Langely and I have spent the last decade of my life traveling the world and tasting the different cuisines the world has to offer.  During my time in Europe I obsessively documented my foodie adventures in 10+ plus journals. Now that I am back in the States for at least the next year I have decided to hand pick the best restaurants from the different European cities I visited during my time abroad and share them on our budget travel blog. Some of these restaurants are feature the national cuisine of the country others are just great eateries that feature cheaper food from neighboring nations. Plus, if you need a break from online betting, there it no better way to grab some grub.

Eating Cheap Stockholm

Eating Cheap Stockholm

Garlic and Shots

Garlic and Shots

The start off I want to say that I love garlic, I put it in pretty much everything I cook I even have a garlic clove tattoo. If you are of the same ilk than you will love this place, every item on the menu contains garlic including the dessert. They also have a menu of over 100 unique and interesting shots including a garlic shot. This is a fun, hip restaurant and will be loved by people of all ages.


A bit on the pricey side F12 serves up an ever-changing masterful tasting menu. Diners can choose between a full menu and a reduced one. Ingredients are very carefully sourced from local farm and butchers. There is no telling exactly what you will eat here but I can say that you will not be disappointed. More for the consummate foodie F12 will not fill you up so don’t expect to get large portions. The standard meal is 9 courses with wine pairings chosen by an in-house sommelier.


Not the highest quality of food that you will find in Stockholm but GOOH! takes a fun approach to the traditional restaurant chain. There are several locations throughout the city where patrons purchase prepared meals and can either microwave them on site or take them home. Like I said before this is high quality food but if you are trying to save some money for dinner this is the best choice short of cooking for yourself.


Another affordable option while you are in Stockholm Vapiano provides food that is kid-friendly as well as more traditional Swedish smorgasbord delicacies. They also have a cool system for ordering food, patrons are given something that works as a credit card and choose their items from a buffet style counter. You swipe your card to receive your food and at the end of the meal you simply give an attendant your card and they will give you the total.

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  1. Inspire says:

    I will surely be chceikng mfcsli out tomorrow! If I can get out of bed that is…Hopefully the sophisticated and stylish swedes you met were also nice and friendly swedes? Otherwise I will have to track them down and teach them how to treat a stranger, and we wouldn’t want that now would we?’re welcome back at any time!