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Eating Cheap Rome

Eating Cheap Rome

Hi there! My names Josh Langely and I have spent the last decade of my life traveling the world and tasting the different cuisines the world has to offer.  During my time in Europe I obsessively documented my foodie adventures in 10+ plus journals. Now that I am back in the States for at least the next year I have decided to hand pick the best restaurants from the different European cities I visited during my time abroad and share them on our budget travel blog. Some of these restaurants are feature the national cuisine of the country others are just great eateries that feature cheaper food from neighboring nations.

Eating Cheap: Rome

Prosciutto, Egg, Thin Crust, Awesome- Pizzeria Remo

Prosciutto, Egg, Thin Crust, Awesome- Pizzeria Remo

Al Vero Girarrosto Toscano

One of the best restaurants in the world I went here with my wife for our honeymoon and I have to say I have never had a better meal in my lifetime. Needless to say Al Vero is quite expensive but if you are visiting Rome on a romantic vacation I highly recommend this eatery. Famous for their antipasto and cured meats the entire menu is to die for.

Er Buchetto

On the affordable side of things is Er Burchetto a tiny restaurant dedicated to selling porchetta, an Italian style pork roast. Allesandro Fioravanti is the owner, operator, chef, and waiter. He seasons an entire pig and cuts off chunks for customers serving it plain or on a hard roll. Porchetta is the only thing on the menu so make sure whoever your with likes pork… but you can’t find a better deal in the entire city.

L’Asino d’Oro

A great place to pick up a light lunch after doing a bit of sight seeing L’Asino D Oro is packed for dinner but there is not a very long wait during the lunch hour. Try their melon and prosciutto antipasto and sample their wide array of soups and traditional Italian sandwiches. When we were there they had a rabbit leg pasta dish that is too this day is the best pasta I have ever had.

Pizzeria Remo

I know it’s stereotypical to mention at least on pizza place, but this 75-year-old pizzeria is truly incredible adored by tourists and locals alike Pizzeria Remo serves up affordable neopolitan pizzas that are made to order with light and fresh ingredients. Check out their Pizza Bianca for an astonishingly cheap 8 euros.

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