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Eating Cheap Brussels

Eating Cheap Brussels

Hi there! My names Josh Langely and I have spent the last decade of my life traveling the globe and tasting the different cuisines the world has to offer.  During my time in Europe I obsessively documented my foodie adventures in 10+ journals. Now that I am back in the States for at least the next year I have decided to hand pick the best restaurants from the different European cities I visited during my time abroad and share them on our budget travel blog. Some of these restaurants feature the national cuisine of the country others are just great eateries that present food from neighboring nations.

This Week: Brussels

French Fry Dog- Maison Antoine

French Fry Dog- Maison Antoine

Maison Antoine

A restaurant dedicated to frite (french fries)? Count me in. Maison Antoine cuts their frittes fresh every day and fries them in beef fat.   You can either get your fries straight up or served with beef, fish, cheese, chili, and a multitude of other condiments. Perfect place to bring the kids, if you are willing to wait awhile… there is usually a line.

T Kelderke

T Kelderke serves some awesome traditional Belgian dishes at an affordable price. Their menu features local favorites such as the stoemp (mashed taters and veggies) with boudin (a Belgian sausage). My favorite item on their menu was the rabbit in a beer marinade, and their lightly salted mussels in a white sauce.

Chaochow City

If you find yourself in Brussels craving some Chinese food then Chaochow City is the place for you. They have daily specials that are as low as €3.50 for lunch and €5.20 for dinner.  It really isn’t anything too special so don’t expect fine dining but it’s the best bang for your buck in this city and hey who doesn’t like some good take out while you’re on vacation? Try the roasted duck.


You didn’t think I’d make a list about food in Brussels without mentioning waffles did you? I would pick a place in particular to get waffles but I honestly don’t remember anyplace in particular. My advice to you? If you see a waffle vendor, shell out the 2 euro to sample each individual waffle. If you have only ever tasted waffles in America pretty much and Belgian waffle will blow your mind.

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One response to “Eating Cheap Brussels”

  1. Nor says:

    I’m from Brussels and just stumbled on this ptruice you took it is such a wonderful street to walk through, you feel like you’re at the heart of the city and all of these, honsetly, tourist trap restaurants connect all these cultures in their clientele and staff, and yet manage to all have the same menu! thank you for that ptruice, i miss home and this cheered me up!