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eating cheap Barcelona

Eating Cheap Barcelona

Hi there! My names Josh Langely and I have spent the last decade of my life traveling the world and tasting the different cuisines the world has to offer.  During my time in Europe I obsessively documented my foodie adventures in 10+ plus journals. Now that I am back in the States for at least the next year I have decided to hand pick the best restaurants from the different European cities I visited during my time abroad and share them on our budget travel blog. Some of these restaurants are feature the national cuisine of the country others are just great eateries that feature cheaper food from neighboring nations.

Eating Cheap Barcelona

eating cheap barcelona

Charcuterie- Elisabets


Located in Gracia not far from the Placa del Diamant, Adarra features a wide array of pintxos (single tapas served on toothpicks) and cazuelitas (small casseroles served in ramekin-like ceramic bowls). Enjoy a quick snack with some of their house made cider and a large selection of foreign and domestic draft beers.


Just inside the food market in La Boqueria, this small kiosk is always packed to the gills and serves up the traditional tapas dishes from the area. Utilizing the market that surrounds it Pintoxa’s menu is constantly changing with the seasons. Try their chickpea salad, fresh seafood (Prawns specifically), and their tortilla espanola a delicious Spanish omelet. They are only open for until 4pm and they are always slammed so prepare for a long wait.

Les Quinze Nits

Conveniently located near the Placa Real, Les Quinze Nits was relatively unheard of when I visited the city 5 years ago; when I returned in 2012 it had more business but wasn’t saturated with tourists. This is one of the best places to get some Paella if you are not trying to shell out tons of money. One order of Paella is enough to fill two people up. Avoid the nachos and Gauc they are just there to appease tourists who don’t know any better.


Elisabets is a traditional neighborhood eatery where the menu is only in Catalan, but there is nothing on the menu that isn’t worth giving a shot. The specialty here is a slow cooked osso buco that they only serve during the lunch hour. You may have to wait for a table but there is generally a pretty quick turnaround. This is the least touristy place on this list and be prepared to get a few glances from the locals. Try the spicy patatas bravas.


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