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dublin the boars head

Cheers! My first Dublin pub!

dublin pub

My first pint at the Boars Head. Waited for this!

The first charming Dublin pub I had a chance to visit was The Boars Head. This place came at the recommendation of many locals in the area, citing the big personality in contract to the small space. I’m all for a few pints and a chat, so I wasted no time in getting down there.

There was Guiness décor everywhere, as you might imagine. When I first saddled up to the bar, I ordered the local staple, a perfectly poured Guiness, and soaked in the atmosphere of the pub as I took my first sip.

The feel was undeniably Dublin. There was an elderly couple chatting at a table in the corner through thick accents, framed with hanging photos of soccer players and other notable figures in the area. The bar in front of me was made of heavy oak, giving the small haven a homey feel despite being hundreds of miles away from the states.

I must have stood out as a tourist as it wasn’t long before an older gentleman at the bar started asking me questions. Thanks to him, I’ve added a few new places to my itinerary here in Dublin.

The Boars Head was an amazing experience, the perfect kind of comfort food for the soul as I embark on this voyage of different pubs in the area!

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