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Budget Travel Blog — Dublin Airport, Back to the States

Boy, I never thought working for a budget travel blog like L&T could be this amazing. I have to say, the highlight of this trip for me was making new friends.

Rashel dropped me off in front of the airport and it wasn’t long before I got past security and in my respective terminal. It’s going to be strange to leave Ireland, I was just starting to settle in. I even feel like some of the accent is starting to rub off on me!

Had to resist purchasing too much from the gift shops. Turns out there’s a million different things you can purchase to show your love for Dublin. I settled for a case of pint glasses that are sure to make me return to the pubs I frequented out here, just need to supply the proper Guiness. I already know it won’t quite taste the same.

I’d heard a lot about the Dublin airport before. Many people claimed it was one of the most beautiful structures in all of Dublin and I can certainly say I realize what many of these people were talking about initially. Just looking at the airport from the outside, it’s aesthetically different from many of the old buildings you see in the area.

Inside is even better. The place just unfurls before you, many little tourist traps around and genuine places to stop in and have one more pint for the road. It’s incredibly different from the places you see in America.

The interior is also very bright, many of the large windows allow the occasional sunny weather in Dublin to eek through and fill the place with a sense of warmth. It’s an unusual feeling I hadn’t really experienced in my short time here.

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budget travel blog dublin airport

Seeing the Dublin airport for the last time in awhile!

I’m falling asleep in my seat here, waiting for the plane to come in. Not sure if there’s an expected delay but the weather is actually beautiful today.

Excited to see my family and friends again back in California. Probably make it out to the beach real soon for some serious sunshine. My tan is already fading!

So there you have it. That’s my first addition to budget travel blog, Landings and Takeoffs. That’s a wrap!

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