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Downtown Phoenix Eateries, the Adept College Travel Blog Cuisine

If there’s one thing that’s truly important to running a college travel blog, it’s providing the best possible cuisine around different universities. One such place in question, downtown Phoenix, is the home of an offsite area of Arizona State University campus.

Some of the best food can be found in downtown Phoenix; it may not be a cultural icon, but if you’re visiting or passing through, it might be worth your while to check out a few of these places.

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Pizzeria Bianco: The lines here are infamous, but this Italian staple restaurant brings in people by the droves for fresh pizza and other fare.

Matt’s Big Breakfast: Its been on tons of those Food Network shows with raging lunatic peroxide- heads ranting and racing about it. They serve breakfast every morning till about 2pm, and apparently have great bacon.

Green: Some of the best Vegan food you will ever have. Comfort food translated into more humane and slightly healthier options makes meat eaters and veggies alike adore this quirky, cool place.

Lux: This eclectic coffee shop sells great coffee and delicious little pastries during the day, after 5:30 they start serving their dinner menu as well, which includes a bowl of divine mac n’ cheese.

Hanny’s: This former men’s department store has the look and feel like you have just been transplanted back in time. Its super chic 50’s style is so unique to the valley, it would be a shame to miss having a classy cocktail here.

St. Francis: If you love modern architecture and urban dining you will love St. Francis, it’s almost like Ikea designed a big concrete looking restaurant, the food is good too. Great for Brunch!

Two Hippies Tacos: If you’re looking for some serious desert immersion, or just touristy things to try, this place offers cactus taco! How many places do you know of that sell cactus tacos? Come on.

Los Reyes de la Torta: This is another place that has been on countless travel and food shows, it has authentic and delicious Mexican food unrivaled in the phoenix area.

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