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Discover Rio Rancho Near Albuquerque in New Mexico

One of the fastest-growing cities in the state, Rio Rancho is an up-and-coming and wonderful place to live in New Mexico. The new homes in Rio Rancho boast countless amenities and access to outdoor recreational activities, a great school system, and a gorgeous desert climate. Learn more about the history behind this little city with big dreams and find out why Rio Rancho is such a great area to be in.

The History Behind Rio Rancho

Formerly part of a land endowment called the Alameda Grant, Rio Rancho came into existence as a Spanish territory in 1710. Investment companies soon purchased the land and new homes in Rio Rancho appeared for the first time. Primarily occupied by New York natives, people began moving to Rio Rancho at the beginning of the 1960s.

Education, the Economy, and Sports

As Rio Rancho continues to expand, so does their education system. With their own school district, a community college, and a branch of the University of New Mexico located within the city, Rio Rancho is making various improvements.

One of the biggest aspects of Rio Rancho’s economy is their Intel site which employs many of the people living in the region. The Intel site is one of the biggest semiconductor plants in existence and opened in 2002. The service industry and government agencies also play a large part in Rio Rancho’s economy.

Rio Rancho also has a professional indoor football team, the New Mexico Stars. A fun fact is that New England Patriots star Alan Branch grew up in Rio Rancho.

Geography and Climate

North of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho is located in the Albuquerque Basin. Rio Rancho also borders the Santa Ana Indian Reservation and is considered to have an arid or desert climate. Arid climates have distinct differences from polar climates and lack the rainfall needed for abundant vegetation to grow. With mild temperatures year round, Rio Rancho averages 56 degrees in the winter and 91 degrees in the summer.

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