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dublin ireland

Dinner with the Adopted Fam!

Having dinner with Rashel and my newly adopted family tonight. Again, thanks go to Marta and her husband David for housing me. Turns out I have sanctioned myself a ride to the airport tomorrow, just hope I can save enough energy to wake up and function.

Budget Travel Blog Cuisine…

budget travel blog cuisine

A little taste of Dublin.

Michael really wore me out teaching me a few things on the soccer field. He may be young, but he can already run circles around me. Definitely going to take him up on the offer to travel to various pubs when I inevitably make it back out here.

Turning in early tonight. Want to make sure I’m ready for the long plane ride ahead. Still absorbing a lot of what has happened during my stay. I was homesick up until today, but now I’m already feeling nostalgic about this place.

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