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Different Taste of the City: Chicago- evilOlive


Now I am not really the type of person who is keen on visiting dance clubs no matter what city I am in but on a recent trip to Chicago I was dragged along to this 5 a.m. bar on Division Street called the evilOlive. The scene at this late night dance party is catered more towards the hipster/art culture in Chicago. You won’t find your regular collar poppin’ fraternity brothers here. They have an excellent bar with reasonably priced drinks for a nightclub. The night that I arrived I had no clue what I was walking into. Apparently, every Monday they hold an event affectionately named Porn and Chicken where, you guessed it, the club plays hardcore pornography on large projectors while a scantily clad wait staff hands out free fried chicken sliders.

Not for your average club goer,  evilOlive showed me a good time for the one night I was there. Be warned though… they have bouncers that will literally kick you out if you stop dancing for too long.

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  1. […] He asks for a “teener”, which a 16th of an ounce and a term usually reserved for the purchase of cocaine, meth, or crack. I brushed it off and weighed out half an eighth for this guy. I get a text from John asking if I mind if his friend comes up with him. I’m a little apprehensive but John seemed like a nice enough guy at this point so I obliged. I buzz the two friends in and they crawl up to my fourth floor apartment drunk as all hell. Apparently they had just come from the popular night club the evilOlive. […]