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Gotham City Lounge

Different Taste of the City: Brooklyn NY- Gotham City Lounge

Gotham City Lounge

Located in Bushwick directly under the L train, Gotham City Lounge is one of my favorite dive bars in the states. Created by a former school teacher and comic book enthusiast the Lounge is decorated with superhero memorabilia from head to toe. This place is super dingy and you should probably avoid it if you are more into the Manhattan side of NYC. But if you love cheap drinks ($3 for a PBR and shot of whiskey), and kitschy super hero memorabilia this is the place for you. At night they play campy horror movies from the 80’s on a large projector in the middle of the room. There is also a pool table that I would avoid unless you want to get in a fight with one of the locals which I have seen happen on the three separate occasions if have visited the Gotham City Lounge. So if you are ever out in New York and you get tired of visiting all the regular places and paying too much for a drink I suggest you check out the GCL. Additionally, there is a great vegan draft house called Pine Box Rock Shop just two blocks away.

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