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dublin dart

Dart to Downtown

Ended up riding the DART this morning to the lower side of Dublin, check out some different places. Stopped at a lovely place called the Wall & Keogh for lunch, one of the best decisions I’ve made on this trip thus far!

dublin dart

The Dublin Dart, stealer of iPhones.

This quaint little tea room was the ideal thing for an early morning in the city. I tried their vanilla coffee which was strong and flavorful, woke me right up. Spent the extra money to order a sandwich as well, saw some excellent reviews online and they didn’t serve me wrong.

Taking the DART is really easy, I’ve been really impressed with how accessible it makes everything in the city. I think the idea of taking foreign transportation is really daunting to some of us from the states — but Dublin kind of dispels that for you immediately. Worst case scenario, you find yourself lost and need to strike up conversation with one of the friendly and helpful locals. There’s no issue there!

Staff was incredibly friendly and we ended up chatting for a good while. Met a young kid named Dennis who regularly grabs tea for his grandmother here. Probably the most interesting local I’ve met so far.

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