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The Best Backpack for the European Backpacker — College Travel Blog

Landings and Takeoffs also functions as an college travel blog! Backpackers on a budget, we haven’t forgotten about you!

I have traveled through Europe on several occasions many of my experiences have been chronicled in my continuing series Cheap Eats Europe. I was recently asked by a subscriber to this blog if I had to choose a backpack that was best for a long trip across Europe which brand would I recommend.

Backpacking in Europe via College Travel Blog

I thought that this was an excellent question and I figured I should just post my response here so that everybody can see.

When you are choosing a backpack for a long trip it is important to remember that this backpack will contain your life for the next couple of months… so don’t try to penny pinch with this purchase! You will definitely want to spend at least $100 but I recommend shelling out the extra coin to purchase an Eaglecreek backpack.

college travel blog backpack

They have a lifetime “no matter what” warranty and they are internationally known for their quality and innovation. They offer both standard backpacks and models with wheels. On my most recent backpacking trip I sported the Loche 70L model.

Also, it is important to purchase a lock for your backpack! Eaglecreek offers these as well.

This particular bag is something any other top college travel blog should recommend.

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One response to “The Best Backpack for the European Backpacker — College Travel Blog”

  1. A lifetime no matter what sounds good to me. If it lasts your lifetime, you’d want to be buried with the backpack!