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Chicago Style Pizza: The best in the city

Chicago Style Pizza

Some of the best pizza in the world can be found smack dab in the mid-west, Chicago style pizza has a legacy of its own, and its rival with New York pizza is legendary.

Started by a taxi cab driver in 1966, Gino’s started their own deep dish pizza joint off the main drag, Michigan Avenue. This humungous pizza could tower over any traditional “new york style”
pie that you could find, and it was stuffed with toppings and oozing with cheese. Gino’s is the number one pizza destination in Chicago.

Other stiff competitors are Giordano’s off Rush St, Pizano’s off State St, and Lou Malnati’s on Wells. Gino’s is your best bet if you have a short trip or want to get the true “Chicago Style” experience.

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