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Chernobyl Today

Chernobyl Today

Chernobyl TodayCurious about Chernobyl today and the state it’s in? A brief overview can help you plan your own trip.

Chernobyl has long been regarded as a place shrouded in mystery, the site of eerie legend and the inspiration behind many works of film and literature. These factors combined have undoubtedly contributed to making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Ukraine.

Today the area is an expansive monument to the tragedy that occurred here only a quarter of a century before. Often frequented by National Geographic, Chernobyl makes for a ghostly photo opportunity for anyone adventurous enough to brave its desolate environment.

Pripyat, the city in close proximity to the reactor, now stands as a ghost town. The area dedicated to workers and researchers of Chernobyl, the town once provided sanctuary to 50,000 people. History tells us that it took officials 2 days following the incident before residents were warned of the danger.

The power plant itself is fenced around an Exclusion Zone. The site’s storied sarcophagus reportedly holds lingering bits of radiation inside to this day. It’s described as a 24-story concrete steel enclosure that is leaky and structurally unsound. If left unperturbed, the area will potentially collapse and expose some of the underlying radiation.

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