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Chernobyl in Pictures

Chernobyl in Pictures

Chernobyl in pictures never really does the historic site any justice – while Chernobyl definitely compounds a general eeriness to it, the site itself is really quite beautiful. There’s something quite serene about a quiet little place in history covered in snow in the countryside of Ukraine.

That being said, seeing pictures of the Number 4 Reactor and the surrounding town built for workers and their families is somewhat unsettling. It’s hard to imagine Chernobyl ever being a buzzing town full of energy and general vitality.

Chernobyl in Pictures

This is the control room of the Number 4 Reactor, where Chernobyl workers initially committed the error triggering disaster. The controls themselves remain mostly intact, only touched by time.


Here we have the view from one of the apartment buildings of Pripyat. Prior to the Chernobyl incident, this town was actually considered a great place to live.


The abandoned ferris wheel at Pripyat is one of the more haunting sections of the abandoned town.


An abandoned school house is left in tatters, schoolbooks littering the floor as the down was quickly abandoned following the mandatory evacuation.


And finally a government escort, overlooking the abandoned town.

We still firmly believe it takes a visit in person to fully appreciate the history of Chernobyl.

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