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Check Out These Awesome Pubs in London

London has been hosting NFL games for the past 7 years so it is no surprise that the city is home to some awesome sports bars. Not only is the NFL big in England, but it is also the location of where Rugby and Cricket started. It has also been called the unofficial home of soccer. These pubs serve up delicious food, great drinks and also play all of your favorite sporting events.

Riley’s Victoria
Riley’s Victoria is not just a great spot to watch a game, but there are also plenty of games at the pub that you can play like darts, foosball, poker, snooker and pool. The bar is full of televisions playing all different types of sports and they have a lot of drink specials throughout the week. They also make great classic pub food and it has become a favorite among locals.

Euston Flyer
Euston Flyer is as traditional of an English pub as you can get and it is a very popular spot for city workers since it is so close to two train stations. But it is also a terrific place for fans to come to check out a game and eat the pub’s amazing fish and chips. The bar also has a lot of large television screens throughout the place that make it very easy to get a great view. Oh and they also offer free WiFi, which is always a bonus.

Elk Bar
Elk Bar has seven different burgers on their menu along with three different types of chicken, three different versions of wings and much more. The pub also has one of the best varieties of craft beer on tap or you can order a tasty mojito. The place is complete with giant televisions playing all different types of sports like rugby, soccer, cricket, tennis and more. They also have an awesome HD projector and a 3D screen to really enhance your viewing. This bar really has a huge variety of food and drinks and has something for everyone.

The Dugout at Belushi’s
The Dugout at Belushi’s might be the best sports pub in all of England. It is located near Borough market and the London Bridge and is not one, but two stories. They have a projector and dozens of other screens that is a sports fanatic’s fantasy. The bar serves up a wide variety of beers and they also have a fun beer pong table, ping pong table and more if you are looking to play while watching the games.



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