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Cape Cod Lighthouse

Cape Cod for a Luxurious Getaway

I have wanted to plan a trip to the East Coast for a summer vacation for sometime now. I want a place where I can go relax for a couple weeks and enjoy great weather and a beach. So I was thinking of where I should go when I thought, Cape Cod! It is the perfect summer getaway and has the best summer weather.

Cape Cod is a peninsula and part of Massachusetts. It homes a high percentage of retired people, so it offers a relaxing atmosphere, right by the Atlantic Ocean. It is also close by to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, must see spots on the East Coast as well.

Cape Cod

Photo courtesy of Boston Magazine.

The summer brings nice weather to Cape Cod. Water temperatures remain pretty chilly around 65 degrees, but some nearby places have water that can get up to 70 degrees. The fall is actually pretty mild in Cape Cod and tends to be cooler in the springtime. Just like anywhere on the East Coast, hurricanes are a potential threat.

I am looking forward to checking out the lighthouses of Cape Cod. A lot of shipwrecks occurred during the early days of Cape Cod, so lighthouses were built to try to prevent more. There are lighthouses of all colors and sizes. They are definitely the staple of Cape Cod.

There are plenty of places to stay, but the best are the bed and breakfast places or the vacation homes. There are plenty of homes to choose from to rent out. The food is also great, with fresh seafood at every restaurant.

Cape Cod has been around for centuries, but has always been a go to place for a relaxing getaway. Each summer, the area brings thousands of tourists. From lounging on the beach to whale watching to visiting local museums, Cape Cod offers an amazing experience for all ages.


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