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Cat Pub

Bristol’s Cat Pub

Cat cafés are popping up all over the world, but Britain is home to something a little different…a cat pub. Bag of Nails is located in Bristol, right on St. George’s Road and is it a great place for cat and beer lovers alike.

The pub serves a variety of different tasty beers, but the place is also occupied with a handful of cute cats. All of the cats call the pub home ad roam around while getting tons of attention from employees and guests. Many of the cats will also snuggle up on the laps of guests while they sip beer.

Bag of Nails currently homes 15 cats and everyone seems to love this concept. Some guests have had to leave because they are allergic, but having cats inside the pub really hasn’t hurt business one bit.

The cats are very special to the pub because all of them, but one, were born inside the bar. And one of the cats was even born while the pub was hosting a quiz night. Bag Of Nails has become an Instagram sensation with guests constantly posting photos of their frosty mugs alongside cute cats.

This is a purrrfect idea for some many reasons. It is so nice that the cats have a home and can get so much attention. There are a lot of cats that just live on the street, so if it is keeping that from happening, then I am all for it. Plus, it is a terrific way for people who may not be able to have a cat to get their cat fix. Hey, maybe it will even promote animal rescues and encourage guests to volunteer at their local shelters and rescues!



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