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The Best Unspoilt Beaches

The Best Unspoilt Beaches

Everyone loves a beach, crowded beaches however are a little harder to admire. When one holidays they want to relax, which on an idyllic, peaceful beach is extremely easy to do. Below are some of the best, unspoilt beach locations on the planet.

Lopes Mendez, Ilha Grande, Brazil

Whilst mainland Brazil is getting caught up in World Cup fever, which is only going to increase if they live up to their tags as favourites with bookmakers bet365, Ilha Grande will be blissfully silent. Translating as “Big Island”, Ilha Grande is just off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, but unlike its famous neighbour there isn’t a development in sight. The picturesque Lopes Mendez beach is that golden it requires sunglasses just to look at it while the contrast with the vivid blue Atlantic is mesmerising. With two-miles of sand there are plenty of quiet places for you to lay down a towel and forget about the world.

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Developers are just starting to move into Montengro which is a shame as the tiny country was one of the most unspoilt gems in all of Europe. The Bay of Kotor, however, is still yet to become the sprawling seaside metropolis’ that we have come accustomed, rather, it is a place that is still bearing the marks of antiquity. There is over 200 miles of coastline with numerous medieval walled towns along the way. With an abundance of hidden coves, hulking cliffs and quaint fishing towns it really is the epitome of relaxing, whilst the backdrop of mountains surrounding the sea is jaw-dropping. If you can you should get to Montenegro sooner rather than later as there is only so long before the developers complete their landscape coup.

Sylt, Germany  

Beaches hardly scream out at you when you think of Germany but Sylt is a notable exception. The northern German island is well known for its distinctive shoreline while the Wenningstedt-Braderup municipality is brilliant. In short, it is a 40km sand dune with numerous thatched cottages dotted on it. There’s so much beach that despite the increasing numbers of tourists there is still plenty of privacy. As for lovers of the haute cuisine the island has three Michelin starred restaurants. Gastronomy and beautiful beach make Sylt memorable.

Salema, Vila do Bispo, Portugal

Everyone loves the Algarve. It has some of the most splendid beaches in all of Europe but if you were looking for a more peaceful experience then the fishing village of Salema is ideal. The natives are some of the nicest people you will come across, many of whom rent rooms out to tourists which is a very nice touch. A short drive is the Cape Sagres which at sunset is the epitome of gorgeous. In earlier times, Cape Sagres was viewed as the end of the flat earth, nowadays fishermen cast their rods over the cliff edge. Salema has a brilliant feel to it and any stay will be extremely enjoyable.

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