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exploring amsterdam canals at night

Best Options for Spending a Weekend in Amsterdam

Whether you’re a substance junkie and wish to explore the wild nightlife in this globally famous city, or want to pedal across the river, sip on a cup of coffee while admiring the sheer beauty of this tiny city and explore the famous paintings in the art museums, Amsterdam is the ideal destination for a weekend getaway.

Spending Your Precious Weekend

  1. Walk the Distance

the city of amsterdam at twilightTravelling by a car/cab on the roads in Amsterdam does not only cost a lot but also consumes a lot of time. You could alternate between trams, bikes or walking. Amsterdam is extremely small for a city, and commuting will hardly be any of your worries.

If you are biking, you’re safe as there are car-free paths all over the city and for easy mapping, ask your center for assistance.

Dutch is the language spoken in this city, but in Amsterdam, being a global tourist spot, the people are extremely courteous and welcoming. They do speak English, but you may have to adjust to their accent.

  1. Food and Drinks

If you’re not a big foodie for taste and you plan to tighten your purse strings on the food expenses, you’re safe in Amsterdam. The city is filled with bakeries at every corner. Amsterdammers are not very excited about the entire concept of Breakfast, but cheese filled pastries, whole grain croissants, and freshly baked bread rolls can never fail you.

Café Winkel on the corner of Noordermarkt evidently makes the best ‘appellant’ or Apple Cake in the town.

  1. Save on that Bottle of Water

Bottles of mineral water cost more than 2.5 Euros at restaurants and snack stops. Instead, you could buy bottles of water at a basic grocery store and save up to 1.5 Euros on each bottle which will cover your other expenses.

  1. Events

Concerts at Lunchtime are free at the Music Conservatorium, which receives a lot of young crowds. After a light dinner, maybe you can go to jazz club like Bimhuis in the Muziekgebouw. The Amsterdam Roots Festival takes place in June which is known for best in the world music.

If you wish to tour the Red Light area without dropping your pants, ex-sex workers in the city offer a tour of the area on Saturdays at 5 pm.

  1. Shopping

woman shopping in amsterdamOpt for markets rather than high-end stores. You’re more likely to venture into the city’s taste for clothes here. Noorderderk holds a vintage clothing market every Monday. Waterlooplein’s flea market is held daily.

  1. Accommodation

It is extremely easy to find self-catering accommodation in Amsterdam. You do not need to spend a fortune to rent a room. While you’re in the city, rent a houseboat where you can stay on the surface of the water and watch the world swim through your bedroom window.

Our Say

If you’re a bag packer, the famous Cocomama is your one stop shop. You can also opt for dorms/hostels during your stay if you wish to socialize with fellow travelers. If you are willing to share your opinion, please leave a comment below!

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