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Best Car Care Products For Springtime

As the temperature warms up, it’s time to get out on the road. But when you take your valuable car into the mountains or down by the ocean, it can be damaged by the UV rays of the sun, dings from small rocks and from your spring cleaning efforts. Don’t keep your car locked in a garage. Enjoy your car with some of these great spring products that protect your car no matter where it is:

  • Nylon car cover:  A car cover made of an outdoor material, such as superweave, withstands the sun exposure and resists water and dust, ensuring that the finish of your car won’t be damaged when it’s parked at the park.
  • Bike racks: An excellent accessory for spring is a bike rack that gives you flexibility on where you ride. Enjoy the good weather and fresh air anywhere you want to find a trail when you have a bike rack on your car.
  • Car care kits: Keep the exterior of your car glossy and dust-free with a car care kit that has specialty tools for washing and polishing your vehicle. Show off your ride at its best when you take care of it with high-quality tools.
  • Wheel care brushes: Even though you’re not fighting the chemicals placed on the roads during the cold, winter months, your tires will still take a beating in the spring. Get tire and wheel care products to maintain and preserve the look of your tires.
  • Mud flaps: If you have an off-roader, protect the exterior of your vehicle with quality mud guards and flaps that keep mud off cars behind you and maintain your fenders. Don’t worry about mud or rain when you take your car out for an adventure.

To find a large selection of fender covers and other great products for your car, contact the team at California Car Cover. Products are ready for shipment to take care of your investment.

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