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The Bedrooms of Office Members

Working in an office, once the preserve of well to do white collar types, is now an experience shared by the majority of people in the UK, at least for a period in their lives. As one could imagine, the office environment has spawned all manner of legends, trends and tropes that are very much familiar to anyone who has ever worked in an office- like workplace. One of these said tropes is that of office characters; people who, due to their negative or (less often) positive behaviours and predispositions tend to fall into certain categories of office workers. Have you ever wondered though; what might the bedrooms of these office personalities look like?

The Self Important Boss


boss bedroom

They take joy out of cheerfully spouting buzzwords, notifying you of which absurdly expensive haunts they’ve recently frequented, and truly enjoy turning up late for meetings whilst the regular members of staff sit and wait for half an hour, all to prove they’re the boss. Oft- maligned but never spoken poorly to, the bedroom styles of the boss are all about status; black marble en suite, ridiculously ultra modern furniture and a super king size mattress, the largest available from bedstar, that wouldn’t even fit into the bedroom of their employees!


The Endless Talker

bright bedroom ideas


One of the few moments one gets alone in an open plan office environment is the trip to the bathroom, but oh no, the talker is in the next stall, has instantly recognised the sound of your footsteps, and has summarily embarked on a conversation about whatever gossip they’ve heard of recent. In the endless talker’s bedroom is a bleached white antique nightstand, complete with gushy diary, a four poster bed and a rather uncomfortable, but modern, red wrap- around chair. Meanwhile, all of these things set upon the backdrop of a ridiculously bold colour palette. Lime green and shocking pink should never, ever, go together.


The Silent One

the silent one

You see them every day yet never really picked up their name. They scurry in and out of the break room for a cup of tea, back at their desk seconds after they left it; you’d like to get to know them, but fear they might be a closet serial killer. Those quiet members of the office are rather hard to discern when it comes to the bedroom, though fastidiously clean surroundings, bereft of even the mention of bed bugs, is most likely. Lots of bookshelves, demure wallpaper and a plain wooden bed frame could all be in the bedroom of this individual, the fact is however, we just can’t be sure!

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