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Beautiful Photos of Venice in Winter, College Travel Blog Posting

I’ve been thinking of some great pictorials to add for our college travel blog here and I think I finally found the right mark. As soon as I saw the photos, I absolutely fell in love. I had them sent over to my small office downtown and just got lost in them. I immediately called my friend for some further insight into the photos which I was all too happy to add here. It’s my hope that these pictures have the same effect on you that they did for me. I’ll certainly be pressing my friend in the future for further photos — especially if there’s anything like what’s below.

This friend of mine recently returned from a 3-month stay in Italy. He was living in Tuscany to study with his mentor to make cured meats like prociutto, coppa, sopressata, and speck (pictures of his progress back home coming soon).

We were going through some of his photos and I noticed he had some stunning photos of Venice in January. I thought I might share them here because most people visit Venice during the Summer and never see the beauty of a Venetian winter.

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