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baltimore sun national aquarium

Baltimore Sun and the National Aquarium

It’s summer time and the Baltimore sun is shining bright.

It took me several outings to Baltimore to discover there was far more to this area than what HBO’s The Wire instilled in me – yes, I’m one of those people. At certain times of the year Baltimore actually makes for a lovely little getaway, a nice twist on city life and the arts. You sure can’t beat an Orioles game on a sunny afternoon either.

Let’s start with the most important stuff – where to eat. Maryland is well known for their blue crabs, some of the freshest in the world. Spend enough time in Baltimore and you’ll quickly glean cracking back crab shells is a favorite pastime here – virtually every other billboard here seems to advertise where to find them. But which place is the best?

Perhaps  I haven’t invested enough time to definitively answer that last question, but I do know Faidley Seafood off Seton Hill is a very strong candidate for the title. I personally recommend the jumbo lump crab cake, it’s downright legendary in these parts. Not a seafood fan? There’s enough delicious menu items to stamp out your appetite regardless of your diet.

Eating all of that fishiness had me in the mood to check out the illustrious Baltimore aquarium, officially known as the National Aquarium in Baltimore. It was a veritable color-explosion of the senses, as well as a famous tourist trap.

I’ve always had an obsession with coral reefs when it comes to vacationing – they are every bit beautiful as they are haunting, the more rapid their destruction becomes around the world. Fortunately the reef is allowed to flourish here at the aquarium and it’s a very humbling experience to see it in person. I think the pseudo designer in me was feeling genuinely inspired by the colors!

My next favorite thing on the list was the beautiful longsnout seahorses – gosh, they’re just so regal. These little guys are straight out of a Disney movie or something, it really is uncanny. My guide explained how finicky they can be about diet and (gasp) that the males actually give birth. Perhaps there is some justice in the world after all, eh ladies?

The aquarium is far more diverse than I was expecting – or was ready for. I don’t have the gusto to visit the grey-headed flying fox, which is this ridiculous bat-like creature. I’m giving myself the willies just thinking about him!

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