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aumeister beer garden munich germany

Aumeister, Munich Beer Garden

Checking out the historic beer gardens of Germany has long been on my bucket list. For me, there’s few better venues to sit and enjoy a stein of ice cold beer. This year I finally made it a reality.

My friend Peter and I traveled to Munich this month and had an amazing time. After taking a little time to adjust to the different time zone, we wasted little time in getting down to the Aumeister, one of the best beer gardens the area has to offer.

Hopefully you know what to expect before they serve your first stein, it’s all about humungous portions. I couldn’t help but feel the icy cold Spaten before me would be better suited for a warm day in August, but nothing could ruin this moment for me.

We were bundled up pretty tight, Peter and I. The weather dipped to about 32 degrees before long. Despite this, there was still a pretty big crowd outside and the garden itself was gorgeous.  Can’t even imagine how bustling this place is during the most popular months of the year.

The sun actually peeked out from behind the clouds early into our excursion, at least providing an illusion of warmth. It was certainly welcome on an otherwise gloomy day in Munich.

Next up on my impossible list of places to get a beer? Dublin.


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