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Arizona’s Tasty Breweries

Next time you are exploring the beautiful state of Arizona, make sure to checkout these delicious breweries that call the Arizona desert home.

San Tan Brewing Company

San tan

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San Tan Brewing Company is a favorite in the valley of the sun. You can even find their beers across the state. Located in Chandler, San Tan specializes in southwestern style ales. They claim to have designed the beer for the hot, dry climate in Arizona. The beer is refreshing and in a way quenches your thirst. Devils Ale is one of the most popular San Tan beers and so is Mr. Pineapple, which is a wheat ale that is made with real pineapple juice and is often served with a slice of the fruit. San Tan also offers a special series that has a Hibiscus pale ale and other specialty beers. Check out their full list of beers at their official website.

Mudshark Brewery

Mudshark Brewery is located in Lake Havasu City and is becoming more and more well known across Arizona. The beers can be found on tap at a lot of bars and even in cans and bottles at many grocery stores. Not only are their regular beers really good, but they also offer seasonal beers that are out of this world. In the fall, the Pumpkin beer is fantastic and served with a cinnamon sugar rim. The Watermelon Ale is served with a slice of watermelon and a refreshing choice in the summer. The brewery also has their own IPA and a beer that is very similar to Blue Moon, called Full Moon. Check out more information at their website.

Lumberyard Brewing Company


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Located in beautiful Flagstaff, Lumberyard Brewing Company is the perfect place to grab a beer and escape the heat. The brewery is located inside one of the last standing buildings from the city’s lumber period. Many places across the state offer their beer, and it continues to grow popularity. The Lumberyard Red is a red ale that is one of the most known beers from the brewery. The Lumberyard IPA is another great choice and you can see more beers on their website.

Four Peaks Brewery

The original location of Four Peaks Brewery is located not far from party school Arizona State University in an old creamery on 8th street in Tempe. It is a cool place to go drink beer and hang out. The brewery produces over 40,000 barrels of beer each year. Four Peaks is one of the most popular breweries in the state and can be found everywehere. They have an amber ale called Kilt Lifter that is pretty popular and very tasty. The Arizona Peach is a light ale with a hint of peach flavor. Four Peaks also has their very own stout called Oatmeal Stout. This is a very dark beer, but actually really good. You can check out more of their beers at their website.



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