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Architectural landmarks and destinations everyone must visit in France

When you are planning a trip to France you really do need to take the opportunity to enjoy some of the amazing architecture that the country has to offer. The challenge is that there is so much to see that many people have no idea where to start! You cannot go wrong with a trip to one or more of the larger cities.


The capital city of Paris is a must for any visitor to France. The city is filled with great tourist destinations and if it is unique and beautiful architecture that you want to see then you will not be disappointed. First stop on any itinerary is the Eiffel Tower. This instantly recognizable monument was built in the 19th century, and attracts millions of visitors each year. The view provides remarkable 360° sights of the city.

Any visit to the Paris region should also include the Palace of Versailles. This is an amazing example of French architecture, and for over 30 years has been a World Heritage Site. You can visit this place where French kings lived and see features such as the King’s Grand Apartments and the Hall of Mirrors. The palace is a real reminder of how the “other half” used to live in France.

A Paris hotel stay means that you will be able to visit these sites and more, so a comfortable hotel that offers great value for your money is essential.


The city of Lyon is another place where you can find many architectural landmarks. You could start your visit with the Quartier Saint-Jean – a great place to learn more about the history of the city. This medieval part of the city features narrow lanes and picturesque courtyards. It is also where you will find the Hotel de Gadagne – a mansion dating back to the 15th century and home to two museums. One of these is the puppet museum – great for those who like their tourist attractions to be a little on the quirky side!

The city is also where you will find the Presqu’ile District which translates as the “almost island”. The architecture here is considered some of the most beautiful in the city. You should make a point of going to the Place des Terreaux where there is a world-famous fountain. The 17th century town hall is found in this district too, and this is a great example of Baroque architecture. If you prefer a Renaissance style to your architecture, then make sure you go and see the Palais de la Bourse et du Commerce, even though this was actually build in the 19th century.

A weekend break in Lyon will give you a chance to see all these sites and more, so make sure that you find a good hotel from which to base your tour of the city.

Over the centuries, French architects have led the way and created some of the most beautiful buildings that you could ever see anywhere – make sure that you use your trip to France to see as much of it as you can!


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