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Quality Villas in France

Ah, Je t’aime: The French Riviera (Cote d’Azur)

Do you know what’s absolutely marvelous? The French Riviera, baby! If you’ve been fortunate enough to travel here, you will know that this blows any old vacation out of the water in terms of beauty and that “ahhh” relaxation. Get ready to transport to a place that time forgot, the Cote d’Azur.

Quality Villas in France

Image from Quality Villas

The French Riviera is home to the Cannes film festival–you know, the one where all the famous people flock to in order to catch upcoming hollywood blockbusters and indie flicks? So if you’re really looking for a star-studded good time, you definitely want to check out the scene this May from the 13th to the 24th.

If you’re trying to stay out of the spotlight, no fear, this place is usually crawling with celebrities already, as it’s the perfect getaway from the limelight and all those eager paparazzi. Have you thought about staying in a French villa instead of a hotel?

Do as the celebs do and rent out your own castle for a week, with your own pool, kitchen, guest rooms and more. You’d be surprised at who ends up being your neighbor during your stay, you might just get to rub elbows with someone you’ve only seen on the big screen!

cote d'azur

Image by Edoardo Costa

One of the many luxurious activities you can take part in is a yacht ride! Sail the crystal clear blue seas on a first-class liner, complete with friends and merriment. Soak in the sun in on the decks, cruising to neighboring cities such as Nice and Antibes.

Did we mention the shopping? Be careful with your credit cards, ladies and gentlemen, for although this town has cozy charm, it also carries high end boutiques like Hermes in the downtown area, along with other little shops full of goodies and trinkets. Fire up that motorbike and cruise around, stopping at any little boutique you wish. This is also a great place to people watch!

Need to brush up on your Francais? Here’s a little refresher:

plus de champagne , se il vous plaît
More Champagne, please

excusez-moi , où sont les toilettes ?
excuse me, where is the toilet?
Donnez-moi cinq pâtisseries
give me five pasteries

vous comprenez même ce que je dis ?
do you even understand what I am saying?
Je ne me inquiète pas pour Albert Camus, HMMPH
I do not care for Albert Camus, HMMPHHH

I hope you found that as entertaining as I did. Gotta love the French language, and of course the culture, from an outsider’s perspective. Really though, the French Riviera is a dream. Instead of heading north to Paris, go south and have an entirely different experience. Friendly, warm, and beautiful, the Cote d’Azur is perfect for honeymoons and holidays.

photo by Toprural

photo by Toprural


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