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Adding a Modern Day Twist to Your Wedding

Planning that unforgettable wedding? Add some of your own personality with a modern day twist. You can do this easily with even the smallest details or perhaps with the colors or theme of your wedding. From the bigger details to smaller ones, make sure you are planning ahead and paying attention to it all.

Let’s Start Small

Always make a list of things you need, especially the small stuff, so that don’t forget things as these details can get lost in the mix of the hustle and bustle of wedding planning. After deciding the big details like the location and the date of the wedding, start planning and create those modern save the dates. Most places have a wide range of options and colors to choose from. Think about getting matching colored envelopes to stand out. Plus, you can usually get custom samples before you make your final decision. Next, think about small ways to personalize your wedding like with custom wedding coasters. These are great souvenirs for your wedding too.

Bigger Details

Obviously the biggest details like the location and date should be before you start doing any wedding planning. After those details, choosing the color and theme of your wedding should be next so that you can pay attention to all of the smaller details of your wedding. You can add a modern twist to your wedding with a stylish wedding dress or with trendy bridesmaid dresses. Remember though when you are choosing the dresses, keep in mind of the location and the weather. You always want your wedding party to be comfortable so make sure the dresses are appropriate. Also, think about the flowers you want at the wedding, these are where you can also go with a modern loo

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