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activities in Japan

Activities in Japan

activities in Japan

There are many activities in Japan besides eating fresh seafood and admiring the scenery! Did you know there is a Tokyo Disneyland? Besides that Japan offers ancient temples and shrines adorned with Cherry Blossoms and beautiful nature, that you can visit, if you want to get out of the cities.

During Spring, Cherry Blossom trees are in full bloom, and almost the whole country is covered in these salmon-colored flowers. There are also many festivals in Japan, depending on where you go and what time of year, some are very historic and traditional while there are fun ones such as the Sapporo Snow Festival. Many of these are packed to the brim with spectators trying to get a glimpse of the extraordinary detail and beauty of these spectacles.

Japan can be a great learning experience also, you can learn how to make your own soba noodles the traditional way, pick native fruits, or learn how to make kokeshi dolls. There is something for everyone, and many people do speak English, so go have yourself an adventure in Nipon!


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