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dante's kitchen new orleans

A Visit to Dante's Kitchen in New Orleans

dante's kitchen new orleansTaylor had the presence of mind to do some food investigations while we were in the French Quarter and discovered the nearby Dante’s Kitchen. I’d actually heard John, my temporary employer, speak pretty highly of the place – just never got around to asking him where it was located. Must be fate!

The Cajun/creole food is a staple of New Orleans – you can’t get more authentic styled cuisine until you hit the gulf. Anyway, Taylor made a reservation just incase we ended up wanting to do something a little elegant before we left the city this weekend. Buyer beware, this place is a little expensive – no problem for Taylor after looting the Treasure Chest Casino.

In order cut the price down a bit (for my sake only), Taylor and I split the seafood courtbouillon. Think tender fish covered in broth, with the perfect compliment of shrimp and mussels. Make sure you ask for the extra crostini so you can totally take advantage of the broth – soaks it up real nice. We decided to skip out on dessert, but man was everything delicious.

Taylor decided to jump on the trolley and I almost didn’t catch it in time. When I finally sat down, little out of breath, Taylor thanked me for inviting her out to New Orleans. She’s been in a veritable wanderlust ever since we landed. It makes me nostalgic for my own hometown. Thankful I have a good friend like her on this trip to really enhance everything out here.

We’ve got one more big day out here tomorrow before we leave. I’m leaving it up to Taylor to choose what we end up doing. Not only does she have good taste, she’s had the decency to get dragged along on whatever crazy plans I’ve made on the fly out here this entire time. Excited to see what she draws up.

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