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8 Tips For Enjoying A Solo Cruise

If you love exploring new places but are not a fan of the noise and unfamiliar crowd and would, then going on a cruise will suit you. Plus, you won’t have to worry about where to stay and where to eat as everything is already provided to you once you get on board.

Even when you are all by your lonesome, cruising can be a fantastic way to travel. The ability to discover new places without having to worry about what anyone else will enjoy or wants to do can be liberating.

If cruising solo is more your cup of tea, take a look through cheap cruises from Melbourne 2019 deals. Don’t forget to use the below tips to make the most of your solo cruise.

  • Pick Your Cruise

The right solo package is important. There are plenty of cruise lines that cater to solo travellers and offer single cabins at no extra charge. If you do want to share with someone, it’s a great way to meet new people.

  • The Excursions

One thing you’ll want to include is group excursions. It’s fun to explore different destinations with other travellers who are yet strangers to you.

  • Socialise
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Keeping to yourself on board sounds like sheer bliss, but there’ll still be plenty of time to do this. Try to mix things up, though, by making new friends. Find activities for solo cruisers and hang out with other people travelling alone.

  • Do What You Enjoy

If you don’t feel like socialising too much, or you just want to enjoy discovering the world, go for it. This is your trip and you should do what makes you happy. The whole idea is to go with the flow. As a solo traveller you get the opportunity to be as relaxed or as active, independent or social as you like. Treat yourself to luxurious spa treatments, go on the excursions you want to, and just have fun.

  • Sit With Other Solo Travellers At Mealtime

If you’re dining alone during dinner, offer to share your table. It’s a great way to meet new people and avoid feeling like you’re the only person that’s travelling solo. Solo travellers often worry about mealtimes, and not many people want to dine alone. Luckily, you can request to sit with other single travellers, which is a perfect opportunity for conversation. Many cruise lines also host solo get-togethers, which is another wonderful way to meet other travellers.

  • Take Time Out For Yourself

A solo cruise is a perfect chance to focus on you. You can centre yourself and think about things away from your daily stresses. Find a spot away from the crowds to enjoy a book, take in the sea air and even journal.

  • Chat With The Staff

Besides getting to know your fellow cruise travellers, striking up conversations with the staff is also a good idea. Be friendly, polite and courteous, especially to members of staff who seem stressed out. Don’t be afraid to tip generously, too.

  • Stay Safe
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Finally, cruises are safe environments but outside of the controlled space, like onshore excursions, you should consider your safety. Always use common sense and do a little research so you can stay away from a city’s less savoury areas. As a solo traveller, err on the side of caution. For instance, don’t walk alone to your ship at night. Rather hire a taxi or follow other travellers back. 

Be smart, prepared and careful and you won’t have anything to worry about.

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