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6 Random Holiday Travel Tips that Really Work

Have you already made your holiday travel plans? Whether you are venturing around the world or just making the quick trek a few hours from home, preparedness is key. Here are some solid holiday travel tips to help you have an amazing experience. 

  • Mentally prepare yourself for sh*t to hit the fan

Anything that can go wrong, will. Murphy’s law is for real. It is important to understand that there as some things that are just beyond your control. These could be things like flight delays, overbooked hotels, inclement weather (especially around the holidays) or even catching a cold. When planning, factor in that if everything goes to hell you can still enjoy your holiday at home. 

There is absolutely no way to prevent all of the possible mishaps that could occur, and if you try to do that, you are certain to be so stressed out that you won’t be able to enjoy your holiday.  The best thing to do is to work on the mental component. Be aware that mishaps are part of the adventure. They could even be the best part of the adventure. It is all in your perspective. 

  • You and Beyonce only have 24 hours in a day

Stop trying to cram it all in or you are going to lose your mind. Make a list of “must” do’s and “maybes.” Focus your trip around the musts. If you end up with enough time and energy for the maybes, go for it. Make sure that these decisions are made beforehand and with input from your travel companions. Having some clarity will help spare you from arguments and logistical nightmares. 

Assuming there is a good chance you are traveling with family or to visit family it is especially important to be on the same page. If crazy aunt Susan is dying to attend the local craft fair and Granpa Larry is dead set on the craft brewery… this may be a problem. Determine what is important beforehand. 

  • Didn’t Boy Scouts teach you anything? Take a First Aid Kit

Holiday travel tips like this may seem pretty generic, but where is your first aid kit right now? We’re waiting… Do you even know where it is? Having medical supplies handy is a really good idea even for a short trip, but especially if you are going somewhere remote. You know, like a cozy cabin in the woods. Always take the basics, such as bandages, alcohol swabs, antibiotic ointment and such. 

Include any prescriptions you might need (make sure they are properly labeled) and any over the counter medication that may come in handy. This could include pain relievers, antacids, allergy meds, cough drops, etc. A first aid kit won’t help if you need open-heart surgery, but it may help if you get a splinter, hangnail, or bit by a squirrel (don’t ask how we know that last one)

  • Be nice to all the people, even that one guy

When someone looks grumpy, does that make you want to be nice to them? We didn’t think so. Traveling can be mentally taxing. From busy airports to uncomfortable sleeping bags or annoying travel companions, it can get rough. It only gets worse when you forget to smile. At all those people feeling the same what you are. 

  • Did you bring the CBD? If not, you might as well just turn around

CBD oil can complement the holiday travel experience by restoring homeostasis (balance in the body) and helping you to stay focused and relaxed. Body butter with CBD can also be applied topically to help with acute discomfort.
Both targeted topicals and various tincture concentrations are easy to travel with and can even fly with you domestically to most places. We recommend keeping your CBD product in your carry on so you have them with you on the long flights or when turbulence kicks in or the dude next to you won’t shut up and you need to take the edge off. 

  • Remember that you are coming back to whatever you left

It is common to need a vacation from your vacation. To ease the pain of your return, start by making your bed, picking the clothes up off the floor, doing the dishes and taking out the trash. Seriously, don’t leave the trash and dishes or your place will smell nasty by the time you get home! This is more of a post-holiday travel tip… or maybe a pre-holiday travel tip. 

Holiday Travel Tips

There are so many ways to get to where you want to go. Don’t overthink it. The pain and anguish of traveling around the holidays are temporary. Take your CBD, download “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” grab your travel pillow and enjoy the journey. 

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