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5 Tips to Making the Most of the Vivid Festival in Sydney

For those of you who didn’t know, Vivid Sydney is already underway. The official date was from 25th of May, 2018 and it will continue on to June 16th 2018. So you still have time. It’s an awesome celebration of lights, music and ideas in Sydney that is too great to be missed. People who go each year cannot imagine their life without it.

The whole of Sydney is lit up, quite literally, by light and music as the city comes alive under the spell of mesmerizing colours, lights and music. It’s a celebration in Sydney that you should become a part of. Whether you have kids or are just coming to Sydney with family and friends, it’s an opportunity that is uniquely Sydney and one that you’ll want to re-experience when you experience it the first time.

Lighting Installations and Events Galore

Sydney has more than 80 light installations strategically placed over the most important structures and buildings including the Opera house and the Sydney harbour to name two. There are a ton of music shows and concerts, as well as conferences to discuss ideas, tech creativity and more. It’s a meaningful celebration of things that contribute to making Sydney uniquely beautiful and prosperous.

You can witness Public idea program, creative industry workshops and more. But more importantly you can indulge in the sound and experiences of Sydney as it comes alive in a spectrum of colours and music. The lights come on at 6pm each evening during the 3-week festival where millions of people come to Sydney to witness the spectacular event.

Here are some of the tips that you can benefit from while attending the festival.


  • Take a Cruise Around the Harbour and Observe the Opera House


Sydney harbour is a great place to start off with the Vivid festival. That’s because it has one of the world’s most iconic structures that comes to life. The light installation on the Opera House draws attention to its sails that change from colourful birds, moving snakes, flowers and a selected group of aboriginal artwork that’s displayed on those sails.

This momentous and magical experience gets even better when you are on board a cruise ship away from the hassle of the [crowds of people, plus you get a better view. You can get the front seat to the changing colours and views of the opera house with the Sydney Princess Vivid Cruise. You’ll get to observe everything as it happens, plus get to see the lights on the Sydney harbour bridge as well.


  • Mid-Week Crowds Are Smaller


When you choose the middle of the week for the light shows in rest of Sydney, you’ll get to enjoy because of less congestion from crowds.


  • Warm Clothes


You don’t want to freeze amidst the enjoyment. So get something to keep you warm like a light jacket or a scarf.


  • Break-Up the Visit


You can’t cram everything into one night so be sure to have a list of things you want to see and keep coming back over the three weeks. Plan your holiday accordingly.


  • Advanced Booking for the Zoo


If you have kids and plan to visit the zoo during Vivid, take it from us, book your tickets early. It’ll save you a lot of hassle later.

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