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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Luggage for Your Next Vacation

Are you in need of new luggage for your next trip? Here are some tips for choosing the best luggage that’s guaranteed to be reliable.

Are you looking for luggage to take on your next trip? Each year Americans take 2.29 billion domestic trips and 79.6 million international getaways!

While the COVID-19 global pandemic has prevented many people across the world from traveling, it is only a matter of time before Americans will be traveling again. You’ll need luggage that will take care of all your storage needs.

Read on to learn five tips for choosing the best luggage for your next vacation!

1. Determine Your Budget

The best luggage to buy depends on the budget you set for yourself.

Like other items, luggage has a wide price range with options across the cost spectrum. Setting your budget before you begin shopping for luggage will help you ensure that you don’t overspend.

2. Consider Size and Maneuverability 

In the world of luggage, there are numerous shapes and sizes for you to choose from. There are traditional rectangle-sized luggage, bags with velcro straps, and more.

One of the options that are increasingly more important for travelers is maneuverability. Many travelers enjoy the ease of rolling their suitcases or other luggage instead of carrying it. The spinner wheel feature on some luggage gives travelers the ability to stand a bag upright while being able to spin it 360 degrees!

3. Storage Options 

You’ll want to choose luggage that has a wide ranger of storage options for you to put your things.

Do you travel with valuable jewelry or other important documents? If so, you may want to find luggage that has zipper bags or other hidden storage places for you to store those items.

A luggage storage guide will give you ideas for some of the best ways to store your stuff!

4. Hard vs. Soft

One of the most important parts about buying luggage is the decision to choose hard or soft materials. 

Where do you travel the most? The answer to this question will help you get a better feel for the kind of weather you travel in most often. A benefit of hardcover luggage is that it will resist water and snow, while soft luggage absorbs it.

5. Color Counts

The color of your luggage counts. How many times have you been standing at a luggage return in an airport and see someone grab the wrong piece of luggage off the conveyor belt?

You should choose a color for your luggage that is unique but that also stands out from standard luggage. This will help you pick the right pieces at the airport so that you don’t accidentally walk away with someone else’s luggage. 

Find the Best Luggage Today

The best luggage will meet all your requirements at an affordable price.

Before you begin luggage shopping, think about where you want to travel and what matters most to you about your luggage. By taking the time to consider these things before you make your purchase, you will have peace of mind you are looking for the right pieces to fit your needs.

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