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5 things to do before your winter road trip

Due to the pandemic, most of us haven’t been able to do much traveling this year. You might not be able to travel by plane (depending where you are in the world) – but all is not lost. For the most part, you can still travel by road. This holiday season is a great time to go on a winter road trip and venture further afield in the US, whilst keeping yourself and those around you safe. 

There are lots of great things about road trips. You can sample culture and see the sights while bringing more supplies and being more comfortable. However, there are plenty of things you’ll need to do to prepare before you get behind the wheel. Here’s 5 things to do before your winter road trip.

Check your vehicle

Whether you’re road tripping in a car, RV or van, your vehicle is your most important asset. If anything goes wrong, your vacation could be ruined. Breaking down can be incredibly dangerous, and a faulty vehicle could lead to accidents and injuries. If you do happen to get involved in an accident, consider contacting this Houston Personal Injury Lawyer. A lawyer might be able to offer you information in regards to the next steps that you take. Driving safely is important, and never should be overlooked. So, do a full check of your vehicle and take it to a mechanic if anything needs fixing. 

Find your route

You can’t go on a road trip without planning your route in advance. Not only will you most likely get lost and find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere, but you’ll also miss all the best sights! The most memorable road trips have plenty of cool places to stop, wander and eat, so make a plan. If you’re struggling for inspiration, Route 66 is a great place to start as it is probably the most famous, iconic road trip in the world. 

Check the weather

Driving in winter can sometimes be dangerous. You’ll need to check the weather in advance to see if the roads will be snowy or icy. This is especially important when doing a road trip in colder states. You might also want to consider getting snow tires if you’re taking a colder route, as skidding can easily happen on icy roads. A shovel will also help to move snow if necessary. But, if the weather looks treacherous, don’t take the risk.

Pack a first-aid kit

You can never be too prepared for a road trip. All vehicles should carry a first-aid kit, just in case an accident or injury occurs. This is especially important when traveling with children, as they tend to get scuffs and scrapes easily. A first-aid kit should contain pain killers, plasters, scissors and bandages. Make sure it’s easy to access, too.  

Make your playlist

It’s not a road trip without a playlist. Whether you like driving to rock and roll, rap or heavy metal, the journey will feel tedious and boring without a soundtrack. So, get one at the ready. And don’t forget to include a few Christmas songs to get that festive feeling!

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