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5 Must Try Korean Foods

5 Must Try Korean Foods  

One of my favorite parts of visiting South Korea was discovering all sorts of delicious food you’d almost never find back in the states. Korea is perfect for anyone with an adventurous palate. Some of the food may look a little daunting and my best suggestion to you is simply dive right in! Here are five of my favorite traditional Korean dishes I know you’ll love too.

Kimchi Fermented Cabbage is the national dish in Korea actually dating all the way back to the Shilla Dynasty, nearly 2,000 years ago. This spicy staple might turn off some westerners as its actually fermented cabbage, and that’s okay – more for the rest of us. The deeply rich and sour flavoring is something I regularly get cravings for ever since I first tried Kimchi.

Kimchi Fermented Cabbage

The cabbage is blended with an assortment of pepper flakes, garlic, chives, onion and pear juice. It’s not uncommon to see this on the table throughout every meal of the day.

Tteokbokki is another iconic Korean dish, very popular among the hustling street vendors. Best known for its blood orange hue, tteokbokki is made from sliced rice and fish cakes and mixed with scallions in a sweet sauce that packs a bit of a kick thanks to the chili paste.

The dish can certainly vary depending on where you pick it up, occasionally containing black soybean paste and sometimes even ketchup. Purists will tell you to add more pepper than what’s suggested. Prepare your tongue accordindly!


Sundae is another amazing Korean street food best described as a savory type of sausage. Made from the intestine of pigs and fit with a stuffing of noodles, veggies and meat, this is a different cut of meat than some of us have tried. It’s been commonly compared to blood pudding but you’ll just have to try it and decide for yourself!

Sundae 5 must try korean foods

Bulgogi Marinated Beef BBQ is easily one of my favorite Korean dishes and a little more straightforward when it comes to western palates. What makes the dish wholly unique is really the method in which it’s prepared.

Bulgogi is essentially very thinly sliced beef that’s marinated in a sauce made from using similar ingredients found in Kimchi – pear juice, garlic and more. A very versatile cut of meat, you can easily make a delicious sandwich with Bulgogi if you’re trying to get creative.

Bulgogi Marinated Beef BBQ

Yangnyeom Tongdak Seasoned Fried Chicken is better than the vast majority of fried chicken I’ve tried in the United States. While I realize this is somewhat of a sacrilege, tasting truly is believing in this circumstance.

Similar to some Chinese food, the first thing you’ll probably notice is the tangy and spicy red sauce. Some of the best yangnyeom is crispy and deliciously moist on the inside. This quickly became one of my favorite dishes, period.

Yangnyeom Tongdak Seasoned Fried Chicken

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