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5 Cities You Will Want to Avoid Driving in

Having the freedom to drive can be exhilarating, particularly when visiting other countries. There may be some areas, however, that you would be best to opt out of driving in due to either the high levels of traffic and time it would take to get around or the potential for accidents within that area. 

Some countries around the world might have extra standards they set out for cars and trucks to try to minimize the risk that they may cause in densely populated areas, but this risk can never be fully negated. For more information from an experienced source, such as a truck and auto accident law firm, click the link. 

New York City

New York City is another place in the world where driving may not be recommended. Levels of congestion can be extremely high, leading to gridlocks. Impatient drivers can also increase the risk of accidents. Using public transport, especially the subway, can be a good idea, as busses and taxis may also get caught up in the congestion you are trying to avoid.


In a city where public vehicles are free to ignore traffic signals, you might be better off staying off the roads. As well as this, parking can be an absolute nightmare. To enjoy the city at its best, you might want to opt out of hiring a car, and instead find alternative methods of travel.

Cape Town

While some of the mountainous roads might pose a danger, particularly if you try to traverse them at high speeds, there is an entirely different reason to avoid driving in this city. Some of the views from Cape Town roads can be absolutely spectacular, meaning you won’t want to miss them while focusing on the road. Distractions can prove to be fatal. 

Mexico City

Although it is the largest city in Mexico and the most populous in North America, driving in Mexico City can be a good way to get around during the day. It is at night-time that driving in the capital can become dangerous. There may be an increase in drivers under the influence of alcohol, or those who do not use their headlights. Due to this, you may want to opt to drive during daylight only.


Avoiding driving in London can be a good idea. England’s capital city is home to just shy of 9 million people who all need to get around. While London has implemented measures to try and increase the safety of its drivers, you may still find yourself stuck in queues or caught behind accidents. Instead, you may find you can make the most of your time by using the London underground or other public transport, as millions of tourists and residents do each year.

While you may want to avoid driving in these cities, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy them, or can’t choose to drive in them regardless. Giving your location some thought, as well as the sights you wish to see, can help you to plan your methods of transport.

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