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5 Books that Can Help Teach About Gender Equality

Gender stereotyping can jeopardize the development of the abilities and talents of women, men, boys, and girls, as well as their life opportunities such as education and employment. Men, women and young children need to work together in order to break down gender stereotypes. To prepare our kids for life, we have outlined below the 5 must-have books for every tutor. These generally picture books. The beauty of using picture books when you want to discuss a challenging issue like homophobia is that, the lesson is put in context.

1) Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly-Nick Sharratt and Sue Heap

This book is quite interesting because it contains simpler narrations accompanied by bright and colorful illustrations. Furthermore, the content of the texts is perfectly for equality work.
The author present things like apples and pears, yellow socks and yellow ducks, on every page but in the end, they come to like each other. We live in a society made up of individuals with differences such as faith, sexual orientation, age, and ethnicity. These differences can not hinder our development

2) The Great Big Books of Families-Ros Asquith and Mary Hoffman

The synopsis of this book tells us that families are composed of people of different sizes and shapes. This is the essence of teaching our kids about sexual orientation. In this book, children have the ability to recognize within the pages their own family and common way of life. Hoffman talks about different homes such as clothes, food, and celebrations.

3) This is Our House-Michael Rosen

We recognize the difference in our school and celebrate it to welcome everybody. The author initially discriminates against children. This is probably a perfect book which demonstrates what discrimination is and how people can change their minds to become inclusive.

4) And Tango Makes Three- Peter Parnell and Justin

Most kids love the story where two gay penguins are seen falling in love and adopting a chick. This book is good for teaching about different families and sexual orientation.

5) The whispers-Nick Butterworth

This book is great for teaching about peer pressure, expectations, and different families. When a rat learns about the love affairs of the daughter and son of rivalry cat gangs, he spreads the rumors and a meeting is called to end this relationship.

These are great books to have in your home and school library and I would recommend every tutor to have his or her own copy.

Annabelle is part of the Content and Community team at SmileTutor, sharing valuable content to their own community and beyond.

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