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4 Things to Do To Maximize Your Travel Experiences

Vacations are essential to recharging our internal batteries and jump-starting a feeling of wonder about the world around us. And even though most of the time things go mostly as expected, sometimes things can deter from the straight and narrow. You can help mitigate risk when traveling as much as possible by following a few simple efficiency hacks. So, before you head out the door on your next adventure, make sure you’re armed with the following expert tips on how to level up and streamline your travel experiences:

  1.       Plan ahead

Yes, a little spontaneity is good for you, but please, before you go; get your documents in order – your passport, travel and health insurance, and all necessary visas. A poorly planned holiday can leave you stranded at the border if you don’t have the required paperwork for entry. Many countries will deny you entry if your passport expiration date is too close to your travel dates. Some countries will let you buy a visa upon arrival, but many others require them to be purchased well in advance. Still other countries will not let you in unless you can produce proof of an outbound ticket. Of course you’ll want to remember to buy modafinil before hand to make the long days easier.

Make copies of all of these documents and do these two things: leave a copy with someone back home that you trust, and scan and email them to yourself. Take a picture of your passport card info, including your passport number, because if the worst were to happen and you lose it, that’s one of the essential pieces of information you’ll need when you’re sitting in a foreign embassy attempting to fill out paperwork for a new one.

Go ahead, bite the bullet, and get travel insurance this time. Many people might view it as another sunk cost, but if your flight gets canceled or your luggage is lost or stolen, or you have to be hospitalized, you’ll feel so much better knowing that your insurance company is helping you take care of it.

Another benefit of planning for your trip ahead of time is that your brain actually gets a slight high off of just considering all of your travel possibilities. Anticipation is the brain’s guilty pleasure, so indulge it and window-shop for your next adventure by choosing something that you can look forward to.

  1.       Choose experiences over souvenirs

Downsize the possessions you acquire throughout your travels and increase your experiences instead. Trinkets do not satisfy your brain, but unique experiences do. Instead of splurging on a locally made handicraft, why not use the money instead to book a day out with Niagara’s largest tour company or do something cool that will give you interesting pictures, wonderful memories, and a great story for years to come.

  1.       Pack light

Here’s what you do; pack everything you think you’ll need for the trip. Then take out half of it. You do not need as much as you think you need. Most of the places you’ll be going to already have what you need and you can pick up toiletries and incidentals there, often times for much cheaper. Even clothing should be packed sparingly, because then you can shop for clothes that the locals wear.

  1.       Speaking of other people, talk to them!

Other people are a large part of why travel is so rewarding. You meet people you otherwise never would have. Hostels are a great place to meet fellow travelers so do not cocoon yourself and immerse yourself in the culture by engaging with others instead. By doing so, you’re all but guaranteed to make lifelong friends and memories. The psychology of vacation happiness is extremely interesting and something you should check out before leaving on your next traveling escapade.

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