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4 Ways to Care for your Hair on the Go

Taking care of hair on the daily is already a task. Now add all the hassle that comes with travelling to this and you will find it so taxing you may want to chop it off. Or not, of course, because you are a trooper – hello, my lovely baldies!

When travelling, we all strive to pack as little as possible because who know how much luggage we will accumulate in the name of souvenirs? So, how do you take care of your hair while on the move? These tips may help you in your next trip.


  • Only bring what you Need


If you are not careful, you could end up packing your whole house or at least the entire beauty section. Depending on how long you will be away, find sizeable containers that can handle enough portion of essential hair care products such as shampoo, deep conditioner, and moisturizer. Hair sprays or spritz bottles come in all sizes and so you won’t have to worry about them. Of you are lucky, your favorite brand of hair product comes in travel packs.

If you are brave enough, you could take this chance to try out those natural options that could take the place of your care products. I know people who swear by baking soda mixed with water for clarifying shampoo when you have product build-up. For a conditioning rinse, try a tablespoon of ACV – with the mother – mixed in one cup of water.


  • DIY or Pay for it?


Sometimes I feel a little carefree and decide to splurge. Okay, it’s not like it costs me that much but cities such as Dubai can be a tad costly for a blow dry. So, depending on where I am going, I will carry my flatiron and a blow drier for when I wet my hair in the ocean or swimming pool. If you want to live a little as well as reduce your baggage, then find a salon near your hotel or AirBnB upon arrival.


  • Careful of the Pool


The GAAR – General Anti-avoidance Rule, borrowed that – of hair care is naked exposure when swimming. The chlorine in the swimming pool water does hair no good as it in fact dries it even more. Even with a good cap, water still sips in and so the best preparation is to rinse it first with regular water to act as a barrier between your scalp and chlorine, and then spray a live-in conditioner on the wet hair. After your session, shampoo and oil your hair to completely remove traces of chlorine and restore moisture respectively.


  • Braids all the Way


Nothing is easier to maintain when you are short on time as braids. They do not only look exotic, but they are also quite easy to maintain. You will only need to remember to sleep in a satin bonnet at night to keep them looking fresh and spray them to prevent itchiness. And just like that you are good to go!

Hair is versatile and quite fun to play with, so have fun and try things you normally wouldn’t do!


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