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4 Romantic Things to Do in Europe This Fall

Fall is probably the most perfect time of year to visit Europe. Not only are there less tourists and cheaper accommodations to be found, a visit during this time will mean that you’ll get to see the seasons change as the leaves turn red and gold and every shade in between. If you’re planning a romantic trip to the continent we all love, here is a quick compilation of four of the very best things to do in Europe that take advantage of this time of year.

1. A Wander around the Streets in Bruges

Located in Flanders, Belgium, Bruges is often dubbed ‘The Venice of the North’. That probably has a lot to do with its cobbled streets, enchanting canals and gorgeous architecture. Experiencing its bewitching and romantic atmosphere is also easy on the wallet compared to most well-known holiday destinations in Europe – at least for now anyway.

2. A night out at the Opera in Prague

Prague is one of the old European centers of culture, and it’s a city that has a very long and very varied history. Its architecture and atmosphere tend to leave a lasting impression on all and getting some Prague Opera Tickets and spending an evening at the beautiful opera house always comes up trumps when it comes to things to do in the city.

3. Spend a full day in the Enchanting Reykjavik

Iceland is one of the hottest travel destinations in Europe right now, and its capital Reykjavik is a big part of the reason why. The city is a perfect combination of breath-taking natural beauty and enjoyable cultural activities. Spend a full day exploring the highlights of the city and be sure to try some local cuisine and visit a natural hot spring as the first snow begins to fall.

4. Masquerade in Venice

Venice is of course a classic romantic getaway, and since so many people feel this way, the city tends to get overcrowded during the summer months. From attending a masquerade ball, to eating incredible Italian food or drifting away in a Gondola, you can do it in so much more comfort in the quieter and much cooler months of September, October and November.

With all of that being said, wouldn’t you agree that Europe sounds so much more appealing at this time of year?



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