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4 Dishes You Simply Need To Try The Next Time You Travel Abroad

What is one thing that everyone loves? That’s right: food.

Not only is food delicious (or at least several foods), but it’s essential for survival and furthermore it often has the mystical ability to make anyone feel better no matter what has them down.

The thing is, food can become bland, tasteless and boring. Thanks to the advent of budget friendly flights and the internet, modern nomads and explorers heed the call to action to explore and take in new places, so why should food be any different? To give a little insight, here are several of the best dishes to try when traveling abroad.

1 – Apfelstrudel

If you’re a lover of confections with a sweet tooth that’s difficult to contain and you find yourself in southern Bavaria or in Austria, you may want to work your way to the nearest coffee shop, cafe, or bakery and get yourself an Apfelstrudel.

If the name throws you through a loop, don’t worry; Apfelstrudel is a distant relative of apple pie, the difference being the pastry is folded over and filled with a tart apple filling, wrapped in a delicious dough that shares many similarities with donuts.

2 – Poutine

Say you’re visiting the great white north, also known as Canada,  and you have a crazing for something savory, filling, and a little off the beaten path, try poutine.

For those of you who don’t know, poutine is the mixture of cheese curds, like you’d dip nachos in, and french fries. If you’re a picky eater, rest assured because there are dozens of combinations of poutine to choose from.

3 – Macarons

The next sugary treat on the list hails from France.  The macaron is a lot like a cookie with a western European twist.

A macaron shares a consistency like cake but is filled with meringue, made from egg whites, almond powder, and sugar, with two halves and a creamy and delicious filling made from an assortment of jams and ganache.

For the real sweet lovers, you can track down chocolate covered macarons in a variety of French bakeries and cafes, which is a perfect opportunity to indulge yourself and get a few macarons and a cafe au lait and take in the beautiful culture.

4 – Ramen

When ramen comes to mind, small packets of freeze dried noodles with some powdered flavoring in a styrofoam cup may come to mind, which is a shame because true ramen is one of the signature dishes of Japan, which consists of noodles, and a soy sauce broth mixed with miso, spices, egg, and greens native to the region of Japan you’re visiting.

Trying Exotic Dishes While Traveling Abroad

As you can see, many foods we know and love all too well can be found abroad, the only difference being it’s native to the country you’re visiting as opposed to a poorly crafted substitute. Do yourself a favor and try the real thing when you’re there and it’s bound to give the sense of trying some of the finer tastes that life has to offer.

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