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3 Ways To Keep Your Travel Memories Fresh

Travelling can certainly deliver a bounty of wonderful memories, but it is often the case that many of these recollections require a trigger rather than remaining fresh in our minds for years to come. Once in a lifetime experiences are hard to come by, so why wouldn’t you want to do all that you can to make those memories stick?

Thankfully, there are one or two things that you can do in order to keep those dreamy days in the forefront of your mind:

1. Picture this

While posting your travel photos on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram will give your friends the opportunity to go green with envy, it won’t do too much to help you remember the great times that you had. Sure, you’ll be able to flick through the online albums whenever the mood takes you, but how many of us actually stop and take the time to do that once we are home? Not many.

No, what you need is a constant reminder of that Brazilian beach in Fernando de Noronha or the locals you spent time with in Peru and the best way to do this is to make your pictures a feature of your home. Printing your travel photographs onto canvas will not only remind you of your time away, it will also give your room a unique talking point too, ensuring that your memories stay fresh forever.

travel themed wall art

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2. Don’t lose touch

For those who may be travelling for extended periods, checking in regularly with folks back home can be a great way to share your memories – keeping them fresh in your mind before they disappear. It can be surprising what we forget when we are experiencing so many new things while we are away, so logging on to Skype or even one of the various social media platforms to speak with friends and family is a great way to share what you have seen. You’ll be surprised how much they will remind you of when you return too!

3. Jot the lot

No one is saying that you should shoot for the Nobel Prize in Literature, but writing out your experiences each day can have a remarkable effect on your memory. Something special happens when you put pen to paper, it’s far more effective than simply bashing out a couple of lines on a laptop.

Simply record snippets of information that pique your interest as you travel; things like conversations you may have had or descriptive dialogue about stunning views. All of these things will jog your memory when you glance through your journal. But, more than that, they will also embed the memories into the deepest recesses of your mind and make them more vivid when you do think of them again.

Travelling is very much about the memories we make along the way, so keeping them fresh in your mind is essential. None of this need be a chore. In fact, doing all that you can to prolong your travel experience should be just another enjoyable element of the journey itself.

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