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3 top tips to pay less for your holiday

No doubt holidays are something worth spending money on as they take out the stress and relax the mind from the nerve-wracking routine life. But most of the people find themselves in financial distress after returning from their vacations, according to a research 15 percent people struggle to pay off their dream holiday for more than a year. It is always wise to think of a strategy which could potentially reduce the cost of your next holiday and spending less on your holiday means less financial burden later on.  Traveling can be expensive but with the right strategies you can bring down the cost. Here are 3 top tips to pay less for your holiday.

Make a budget and stick to it.

Making up a budget is a great way to stay on track and avoid overspending, sticking to the budget will surely save you buck load of money and make your journey much easier and memorable.

Book early and book smart.

Whether you are flying to your destination or driving or both, make sure you start looking for getting the lowest rates possible. Last minute bookings can go heavy on your bank account as you are not left with much of a choice, booking early means you get all the time to think and compare and get the best value for your buck. Planning and booking early also enables you to take advantage of many early bird discounts which can save you a lot of money. If you are flying try to be flexible and book the flight on Tuesday or Wednesday and on early morning or late night hours, this trick can also drop down the cost of your flights significantly. Booking a car hire early can also make a huge difference in lowering the cost of car hire, websites like skyscanner and travelsupermarket allow you to search through more than a thousand car hire companies, compare rates and book directly to the rental company of your choice. You can also use Skyscanner and travelsupermarket to search, compare rates and book flights and hotels worldwide and if you are an armed forces member serving in the UK, you can get 20% off with Hertz, via troopscout.

Spend what you can afford.

Remember that spending recklessly won’t buy you the experience you dreamt of before heading towards your holiday.  Try to spend money more sensibly, for say avoid eating at tourist attractions because rates will naturally be very high and quality of food is also not very promising. Avoid buying souvenirs during the trip as it can potentially tremble your budget; leave this to the end of your holiday when you think you have spare cash remaining from your budget.

In the end, it’s all about the experience and people that are with you on your holiday whether its family or friends and not about the things.  So remember to restrict your spending to what you can afford and don’t let your credit card play tricks on you.

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