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2019 Cadillac ATS-V – A Luxury & Sports Mashup

The all-new 2019 Cadillac ATS-V is transforming the thrill of the luxury sport. With the new Cadillac ATS-V, you get great driving experience and be able to push the performance boundaries of the Coupe. We are sure you will get impressed by the remarkable show put up by Cadillac. The 2019 ATS-V comes with a powerful heart, a V6 and is available with gearbox options between manual and automatic. The car tops a 0-60 mph drag in an impressive 3.8 seconds. The car is fast, very fast indeed.

Let us get straight into the core of the car, the Engine. The 2019 Cadillac ATS-V comes with a powerful 3.6 Liter Twin-Turbocharged V6 Engine that produces raw power of 464 horses and torque output of 445 lb.-ft which propels the car instantly to higher speeds.

The build quality of the car is commendable. The car is made up of light, high strength materials. The connecting rods are manufactured by titanium, the turbocharger’s turbine blades are manufactured by high performance & lightweight titanium-aluminum alloy which enables low inertia and low-volume charge-air intake properties which help the car to sprint instantaneously.

The high-performance engine is of no use if the power output from the Engine is not used efficiently. This is covered by cutting edge performance of the 6-speed manual transmission which is very swift and responsive with options to replace the manual with an eight-speed automatic transmission system.

Other mechanical components like brakes and suspension leave no trace of underperformance by the Cadillac ATS-V. The car is equipped with high-performance Brembo Brakes fitted behind the forged alloy wheels. The brakes are inspired from motorsports and you can witness the massive six-piston front and four-piston rear ones. Now you can be confident to push the boundaries to higher extents on the tracks.

The suspension system in the Cadillac comes with the latest tech, Magnetic Ride Control technology which reads the road conditions more than a thousand times in a second and adapts to it to deliver accurate control and comfort. Stability control of the car is very impressive. You have four drive options to choose from. Wet and dry depending on road condition and the more thrilling Sport 1 and Sport 2 modes to lose some traction and get full control on your steering to make some noise on the tracks.

The exterior of the ATS-V looks bold and elegant. The 2019 ATS-V is a coupe with sleek silhouette closing perfectly into the streamlined curves. The craftsmanship shown in this car is just beautiful and you will keep on gazing on the ATS-V. The front splitter of the ATS-V is built with Carbon Fiber which is aero-optimized along with hood extractor and rear diffuser which are also constructed from high performing, lightweight carbon fiber which gives the aero package a more aggressive look. The V-forged alloy wheels come as a standard with the package. The summer-only low-profile tires by Michelin comes as a standard with 18″ forged alloy wheels. The 2019 Cadillac ATS-V MSRP is around $67,795 and goes up to $ 69,705.

This is the part where the luxury comes into play. The Cadillac ATS-V comes with sporty interiors with a beautiful touch of luxury. This is where performance meets with style. All the materials used for the interior is genteel. The seats of the car are made of high-quality microfiber suede leather with trims of carbon fiber to add a sporty vibe. The level of comfort inside this coupe touches the pinnacle. The cutting-edge technology like Cadillac User experience connected with a plethora of Applications ranging from maps to weather, music and many more. Apple CarPlay comes as a plus with the ATS-V. The full Cluster Head-Up-Display is very informative and gives a clear and customized view of the performance, audio system, phone and many more.


Feature image by Cadillac

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