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malahide castle

Making Friends Outside the Malahide Castle Walls

Welcome to Malahide Castle!

A little unexpected journey around Malahide Castle. Made a new friend today, her name is Rashel. I was making my way to visiting the historic castles of Dublin and ended up asking her for directions. Turns out she was headed to the same place, she has family nearby. Ended up meeting her parents and younger siblings and had the bonus of being treated to a traditional Irish meal.

This country knows their potatoes!

malahide castle

The first castle I saw in Dublin!

Rashel will be accompanying me to Malahide Castle. It’s hard to believe I’m actually writing this, think visiting an actual castle will be the most culture shock I’ve experienced yet!

Malahide castle actually has a history of ghosts if you ask around with the locals. I have a difficult time really being fazed by this considering the country is so beautiful all over — standing in front of a castle has got to be the type of experience that just stops me dead in my tracks. Hoping to receive a little back story on the haunts. Does anyone out there have experience with this type of thing? I’d love to hear some tales from people on the road about the scary supernatural things they experienced!

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