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10 Best Railway Hotels You Must Consider When In Europe

You are a on a holiday and after a long and tiring train travel, you need a comfortable and cozy bed. It certainly acts as a tonic after a long and demanding travel. However, when you are in Europe on a sightseeing trip, you could come across scores of hotel near the train station. This often creates confusion and indecision when it comes to choosing the right hotel near the railway station. Staying near the railway station is always recommended because it helps you to stay in the heart of the city. You will be in a much better position to explore the city. Hence, without wasting too much of time let us look at the top 10 hotels in Europe that are located near the railway stations.

1. Hotel Belvedere, Cerbere

The village of Cerbere is the last one in France before you enter Spain on the Mediterranean costs. If you are looking for one of the best hotels near stations in Cerbere, then you have reasons to look at Hotel Belvedere. The hotel has a design that resembles like an ocean liner. It has been classified as a historic monument in the year 2002. It has rooms that are perched over the rail track. It is a nice place to stay while in Cerbere.

2. Train Lodge, Amsterdam

After that tiring long train journey to Amsterdam, many people prefer to stay in the Train Lodge. It is located right beside the Sloterdijk station. The hotel has been built from old sleeper train carriages and therefore staying there is an experience by itself. Whether it is single bed or double bed you get everything here. You get to enjoy a relaxed and vibrant environment. A comfortable bed and good breakfast are just a few things that you can expect from this hotel. If you go through any readers travel books, you will find mention of this hotel and of course there are good reasons for it.

3. Peninsular Hotel, Porto – Portugal

The famous Hotel Peninsular is located across the street from the main station, Porto. Though as bit gloomy, it has its own charm and is a traditional Portuguese Hotel. The hotel is famous for its dark, mahogany furniture with some matching fittings. The staff is helpful and you can expect a friendly welcome and comfortable stay here. It is situated in the center of the town and is close to river, restaurants and other attractions.

4. Hotel Whistler, Paris

The Hotel Whistler is just a stone’s throw away from Gare du Nord, Paris. It is an old hotel and has a unique golden age of travel theme by trains. The seating is carriage style and the suitcases are of vintage type. It looks as though the hotel has been designed by a train expert. The bathrooms are not like the ones you find in trains are superb. Hence, it is no doubt a grand hotel for rail passengers.

5. Hotel Stadt Kufstein

Situated in the Austrian Tirol, there is no doubt that Hotel Stadt Kufstein could be the right choice for those who are visiting Munich and other nearby places. The hotel rates in Munich are exorbitant and therefore this hotel is quite affordable and not very far away. If you are looking for a short walk from the med to the tirol then this could be the right option. The hotel is cool, calm, and centrally located. It also has a good Restaurant and Bar not very away. Hence, is one of the best stations from the med.

6. Bach Themed Hotel, Leipzig

The famous Bach14 is located some 10 minutes walk from Lipzig’s Hauptahnhof. It is famous because Johann Sebastian Bach spent quite a bit of time in Leipzig. The famous Thomaskirchhof Square is not very far away. The outdoor sitting space is best suited for having a coffee and enjoying the many musical performances that are performed on the cobblestoned pavements. You ask any long journey our tipsters they will certainly recommend this hotel.

7. Carriage Suite, Brussels

If you still have some appetite for train travel after spending time on Eurostar, then choose to visit the famous Carriage Suite, Brussels. This is also better known as a Train Hostel and it is perhaps built around the time when narrow gauge train existed. It is just a short distance north of Schaerbeek Station. This is where the famous Train World Museum is located. Though you might feel that you are in a lonely planet, the hotel has its own charm and comfort.

8. Barcelo Sants, Barcelona

If you look at travel websites like man in seat 61 it is quite likely that you will find a mention of Barcelo Sants, Barcelona. It is basically a space-themed hotel and this has been built over the main station. It continues to be a great favorite for kids. Additionally, adults also like the rooms because they are modern and clean and the windows give a great view of downtown Barcelona. Those who bet in favor of this hotel most certainly wins a 200 in terms of location, looks, lifestyle and leisured comfort.

9. Hotel Albla & Julier – Tiefencastel

This is a friendly and family run hotel and it is located at the joining of two rivers. It is not very far off from the Tiefencastel station. The scenery is good because it is located in the mountainous region of South-East Switzerland called Graubunden. The hotel has a panoramic and majestic dining room. You can see the trains moving above you alongside the trees. During night it certainly offers a wonderful sight. It is also not very far off from St. Moritz.

10. Grand Hotel, Genoa (Savoia)

This is a five start luxury hotel is located just by the side of Piazza Principe Station. The hotel allows you to explore Genoa. The hotel in particular is just majestic and luxurious. It has glided mirrors, stylish bar and the best of furniture. The restaurant also serves some of the best local cuisines.

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