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Madrid Fountains

This is a guest post by Vera Petryk, an author for There is no need to repeat what a great city Madrid is. We all know that it is very beautiful that’s why it is extremely popular among tourists. While most people come to the city on holidays, students prefer to visit the city…

Best Restaurants in Sochi: Ne Goryuy

Located between the beach and Park Rivera, Ne Goryuy is an intimate eatery serving guests some of the best Georgian cuisine.

Best Restaurants in Sochi Russia: Nippon House

In the center of the Adler District at 26 Kirov Street, the Nippon House offers guests some of the best Japanese food found in Sochi including sushi, rolls, sashimi, yakitori, soups, salads, and desserts.

Best Restaurants in Sochi Russia

When the time comes to take a quick break from your exciting times at the Olympic games, refer back to this list for some of the best places to eat in Sochi